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      A classically trained actor, Cristian has played roles from Shakespeare to Edward Albee, crossing the whole theatre spectre, from playing the lead at the renowned Odeon Theatre in Bucharest to acclaimed independent productions. Working steadily for the past 10 years in theatre, film and television, Cristian was a co-star on the NBC worldwide hit TV show “The Blacklist” and has collaborated with the likes of Francis Ford Coppola, Tim Roth,  Andrew McCarthy (Orange is the new black, St. Elmo’s fire, The Blacklist), BBC award winning director Craig Lines, Michael Watkins (The Blacklist, X-Files, Law and Order), Ludi Boeken (World War Z) and some of the best Romanian film and theatre directors including “Palm d’or” winner Cristi Puiu, Radu Muntean, Radu Afrim and Florin Zamfirescu, to name a few.

      In 2012, Cristian was one of the 10 best Romanian theatre actors featured in the first edition of the “10 for film” program, during Transilvania International Film Festival.

      He studied acting for 4 years at the University of Theatre and Cinema in Bucharest, working with esteemed teachers like Catalin Naum, Florin Zamfirescu, Vladimir Granov, Florin Fieroiu and many others.

      Based in New York and Bucharest, Cristian is also a musician and director. His music videos for Romanian band "CORIVAT" have won numerous awards at Film Festivals all over the world. You can see them in the VIDEOS section!

Role                       Production                       Director                                     Producer 


Co-star                  The Blacklist                     AndrewMcCarthy                       NBC

Regular                  Mother’s Doctors            Craig Lines                                   Mediapro - Romania

Regular                  Aniela                                Iura Luncasu                                Mediapro - Romania

Co-star                  Die Deutschen                  Daniel Sich                                   Uwe Kersken     

TV Host                 Euro-Houses                    Dan Feldman                               TVR 2



Co-star                  Youth without youth         Francis Ford Coppola               Zoetrope 

Co- lead                Nelson                                 Ludi Boeken                                Udi Yerushalmy

Supporting           They're watching               Micah Wright, Jay Lender        Rico Garcia

Featured               '79 Parts                              Ari Taub                                      Hit&Run

Lead                      Rabbit Meat                        Gabriel Achim                            Green Film

Principal               Adalbert’s Dream                Gabriel Achim                            Green Film

Lead                      50Years                               Patrick McDevitt                         SVA



Lead                      Juste la fin du monde         Radu Afrim                       Odeon Theatre - Bucharest

Lead dancer         Broadway-Bucharest          Radu Afrim                       National Opera - Bucharest

Lead                      Pluto                                       Cristian Balint                   UnTeatru  

Lead                      Autobahn (Roadtrip)            Andrei Grosu                    Godot Theatre

Lead                      The Clawfoot and                Florin Zamfirescu            Godot Theatre

                               Hot Tub Interviews         

Lead                       Zoostory                               Catalin Naum                   Podul Theatre

Lead                       Hamlet                                  Catalin Naum                   Podul Theatre  


TRANSCENTRAL  - Teatrul Podul

SOLS  - ARK Bucharest

COMMERCIALS : available upon request




Languages : English (fluent), Romanian (native), German (good), Italian (average)

Hungarian (average)


Sports : Fencing, Stage Combat, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball and last but not least : Poker

Driving license : yes



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